Q: Are you INSERT_NAME_HERE on YouTube?
A: No, I don't put my videos on YouTube but I appreciate them for making my work available to more people.

Q: Are you JD2K on forum?
A: Nope, the only forum I post links to my videos is

Q: Are you on Facebook?
A: Nope, any account you see on there was made by someone else.

Q: Why did you make
A: I was tired of watching blurry Lakers videos on YouTube. I tried other video hosting services but they didn't like the idea of that and would promptly remove my videos. Stage6 was home for a while but then they went the way of the Dodo. So in March 2008, I decided to launch this site for all the Lakers fans out there because I knew that I wasn't the only one feeling this way about YouTube.

Q: Why don't you put your highlights on YouTube?
A: YouTube video quality is just plain bad for sports footage due to its recompression.

Q: But YouTube has HD mode now and it looks amazing.
A: You need to upload videos in 720P or 1080i format to have HD mode enabled for YouTube. A 3min 1080i clip at 17Mbps is over 350MB in size and will take a while to upload to YouTube. Plus you have to wait for YouTube to recompress the video. Not to mention that the videos can just magically disappear a day later due to you-know-what reason. My upstream is quite slow and I do not want to have to reupload when this happens.

Q: Do you have a way for me to stream the videos on my iPhone or iPod touch?
A: All videos are now viewable on all non-flash capable devices as long as it supports html5 video tag. will no longer be updated as of 12/25/12

Q: Where are the download links now?
A: It's on the right side of your screen under "Download Links" for each video that you're watching.

Q: My name is Kobe Bryant and I really like what you do, what can I do to help?
A: Mr. Bryant, you are more than welcome to geology homework help to the cause.

Q: Were the Celtics really suck because I see nothing but footage from the Lakers for last night's game?
A: First, Celtics do suck. I only do highlights for the Lakers regardless if they win or lose.

Q: What constitutes as a highlight for you?
  • An alley-oop.
  • A dunk.
  • A layup by Derek Fisher.
  • A great defensive play.
  • A spectacular pass that leads to a basket.
  • A basket that follows a great defensive play.
  • A basket that beats the 24-sec shot or to end the quarter.
  • A difficult basket.
  • A hustle play that leads to a basket or possession.
  • A 3-point play or 4-point play.
  • A weird moment.
Highlights will typically be longer if the Lakers win.

Q: I have a MAC and the video has weird color artifacts and is unwatchable. What is wrong with my eyes?
A: To achieve maximum quality with limited bitrate, my MP4 is not compliant with the hardware decoder used in your MAC. Try disabling hardware acceleration by right clicking on the video and go to settings.

Q: Divx version crashes my browser. What's going on?
A: You probably need the latest version 1.5 of Divx Web Player. Click on Upgrade Now when it prompts you to upgrade or download the whole installation package here (PC) / (MAC). As of 12/25/11, there will no longer be Divx version.

Q: How can I improve the performance of the Streaming Divx version?
A: Right click the play window and go to PREFERENCES and select no POST PROCESSING under VIDEO PLAYBACK. Post processing adds unnecessary strain to your system to your system and excessive sharpening which can lead to artifacts. As of 12/25/11, there will no longer be Divx version.

Q: I don't see any video. What's wrong?
A: As of 12/25/11, the site now supports HTML5 video tag. HTML5 is the default method of displaying the video and will fallback to Flash/MP4 if your browser doesn't support HTML5 video tag. You need to have FLASH 9+ installed to view MP4 format and DIVX Web Player (PC) / (MAC) to view DIVX format. As of 12/25/11, there will no longer be Divx version.

Q: Is there something wrong with your video because it stops right in the middle of the highlight?
A: Clear your browser's cache and try to view the video again. This usually happens when there's a slight pause from the server while uploading the video to your end. The flash player is unable to resume the download at this point so you end up with an incomplete file which the player displays as a complete one because it only reads the header of the file..

Q: Is it my internet connection or is your site very slow to load?
A: I am on a shared server and it can be quite slow on game day or a few hours after the game has ended.

Q: What do I use to play the downloaded videos on my computer?
A: I use Zoom Player that comes with Combined Community Codec Pack It comes with two players and all the codecs necessary to play most if not all video formats on your PC.

Q: Which version is better? MP4 or DIVX?
A: At any given bitrate, MP4 will look better than DIVX. MP4 videos will be "choppy" if your system isn't fairly new. Even if your computer is fairly new you still might experience this problem if you have many programs running. DIVX format is recommended if you're having this issue with MP4 videos. As of 12/25/11, there will no longer be Divx version.

Q: I just bought my computer last week and it's still choppy under Internet Explorer.
A: This problem is more prominent under Internet Explorer but can occur under Firefox and other browsers too. Usually it's due to excessive amount of disk I/O as it tries to download and play at the same time. Simply let the player download the whole video by quickly pressing pause and let the progress bar move all the way to the right before pressing play.

Q: Why do you call your highlights HD when they're only in 720x400 688x384 and HD means 720P and 1080i?
A: My HD means that the highlight was produced from an HD broadcast not the resolution that was used to encode the highlight.
A: As of January 15th 2010, only the streaming versions are 720x400 688x384. You can download both 720P and 1080P versions in the download section. Standard MP4/Divx 720x400 688x384 download links will be available first since they're much smaller than 720P & 1080P versions to upload.

Q: Will you have 720P & 1080P versions available for download for all games?
A: ABC broadcasts in 720P at 60FPS so there won't be 1080P version for games on ABC. All other games on KCAL, TNT, ESPN, NBATV AND FSW will have both 720P(60FPS) and 1080P(30FPS) available for download. Don't expect the links to be available immediately after the streaming version since these HD files are much bigger and take longer to upload.

Q: How do you get 720P(60FPS) from 1080i(30FPS) broadcast?
A: I use a method known as "BOB" deinterlacing which converts interlaced fields into its own frames essentially doubling the frame rate from 30 frames per second or 60 fields per second to 60 frames per second. The action in 720P at 60FPS will be silky smooth when you compare it to the deinterlaced 1080P version.

Q: Why don't you offer 1080P at 60FPS using this "bob" method too?
A: The file size for 1080P(30FPS) video is big enough as it is and at 60FPS it will be twice as big. A 5min clip at 1080P(60FPS) will be roughly 600MB and that will require a lot of my time to upload. With so many games being played per week, I don't think I can spare any more time uploading such files.

Q: My computer started to cry when I tried to play your 1080P video, how do I comfort it?
A: 1080P takes quite a bit of horsepower from your computer to play smoothly. A dual-core processor running at 2.0Ghz or more will suffice. You can try using CoreAVC as your decoder to help achieve smooth playback. I was able to get smooth playback on an old AMD Athlon 4200+ with the help of CoreAVC but the CPU was running near 60-75% during playback. Ultimately, you want to offload the decoding process to your video card's GPU. Check with your video card to see if it offers H.264 hardware decoding.

Q: How do I embed your videos?
A: That feature is not available due to bandwidth reason. Bandwidth usage is at 10TB/month and allowing embedding will lead to server downtime due to bandwidth issue.

Q: Luke Walton did a 1080degree between the leg dunk but it's not in the highlight. What gives?
A: No, he didn't. He's not even on the team now.

Q: Ok, ok, I lied but Kobe had a sick dunk over Dwight Howard LeBron James in the 3rd quarter and it's not in the highlight. What gives?
A: Either I didn't think it was highlight-worthy or I simply forgot about it. I do forget a play here and there so leave a reminder in the comment and I'll try to post it.

Q: Can you please please please please send me the whole game?
A: A whole game is just too big and the NBA might not like that idea.

Q: The game ended 5 minutes ago, where's the highlight man?
A: Are you serious?

Q: Fine, the game ended an hour ago, where's the highlight man?
A: Either I'm not available to do the highlight or I'm still working on it. I do try my best to make the highlight available as quickly as possible but it is quite time consuming.

Q: How long can it be?
A: An average 3min HD highlight takes about 30min - 60min to compile the clips, encode, upload, and publish. It takes about 20min-45min to do a 3min SD highlight.

Q: Why are some games not in HD?
A: Either the network didn't broadcast in HD or my hardware failed. All games as of 12/9/2009 will be capped in HD.Highlights from games on TWC SportsNet, ESPN and TNT are most likely in SD because I have A/V sync issue with these broadcasts when I slice up different plays to make a highlight. I can fix the A/V sync issue but each play has to be done separately and this is quite a time consuming task. Fixed the sync issue.

Q: What system do you use to make these highlights?
A: I have an old Athlon Phenom X4 9600 with 2GB PC6400 memory and Hauppauge PVR-1600 PCI and HD-PVR 1212 new Intel Core i7 2600K with 12GB 1666 and BlackMagic Intensity Pro running on Windows 7. Feel free to donate a Xeon Workstation so I can put the highlights up even faster.

Q: What program do you use to encode your highlights?
A: I use STAXRIP STAXMEDIA frontend to encode my highlights. x264 codec for MP4 version and free Divx codec for DIVX version. These can be downloaded automatically within Staxrip.

Q: What program do you use to make your highlights?
A: I use a combination of Photoshop, After Effects, and Sony Vegas.

Q: Can you get me a job with the Lakers?
A: No, I don't work for the organization.

Q: How do you put up your highlights so fast?
A: I am a ninja.


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